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Induction Luncheon BY CELIAMARIE MOORE, Vice Chargée de Presse Honoraire THE INCOMPARABLE BEACHHOUSE at the Westin Moana Surfrider Resort was the venue for a unique Oahu Bailliage event on February 28, 2018: a profes- sional members' induction and regional officers' elevation luncheon. Graciously hosted by Vice Chargé de Missions Kelly Sanders, the event opened with Oahu Bailliage and regional officers greeting the inductees in the grand salon. The single, long dining table was adorned with glass bowls filled with tropical orchids. The midday sun spar- kled through the windows, reflecting off the turquoise ocean and white sands of Waikiki. The setting could not have been lovelier, nor the afternoon more luxurious. Attendees mingled and toasted the occasion, after which Bailli Provincial Maurice Nicholson, assisted by Bailli John Magauran, conducted the cere- mony. The inductees and élevés included Conseiller Culinaire Provincial Colin Hazama, Conseiller Gastronomique Provincial Ryan Loo, Echanson Provincial Micah Suderman, Chef Rôtisseur Daniel Delbrel, Maître Hôtelier Tomo Kuriyama, Maître Hôtelier Alvin Yeh, and Rôtisseur Paul Borowski. Lunch was a trio of culinary delights: an outstanding chopped salad; a delicious and creative salmon soba; and, for the coup de grâce, a decadent peanut- butter crunch bar. Following the meal, confrères extended their sincere thanks to the staff for orchestrating this celebra- tion of some very special members. G OAHU PHOTOS BY KATHRYN NICHOLSON Chaîne confrères. Officers and inductees. Chef Rôtisseur Daniel Delbrel. Conseiller Culinaire Provincial Colin Hazama. Vice Chargé de Missions Kelly Sanders and Maître Hôtelier Tomo Kuriyama. Echanson Provincial Micah Suderman and Bailli John Magauran. BAILLIAGES 2 0 1 9 v 1 :: G A S T R O N O M E :: 93

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