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Fascinating Cider BY WILLIAM BABASH, Vice Chargé de Presse ON APRIL 26, at 2941 Restaurant in Falls Church, Virginia, Washington, D.C. Bailliage members explored the range and complexity of cider and how it pairs with food. The seeds for this spectacular event were sown after Bailli Judith Mazza returned from a trip to Normandy with a newfound appreciation for high- quality French ciders and a vision for a dinner built around them. Intrigued by the idea, Executive Chef Bertrand Chemel agreed to create the meal. Three months before the event, Bailli Mazza, Vice Conseiller Gastronomique Michael McHenry, and Vice Chargé de Presse Bill Babash met with Chef Chemel, Head Sommelier Jonathan Schuyler, and Wine Program Director Joshua Clauss to taste eleven pear and apple ciders. While the som- meliers led the analysis, the entire group brain- stormed possible food pairings: a tart pear cider had characteris- tics of sauvignon blanc and suggested hamachi crudo ; an earthy apple cider evoked brunello and would go well with lamb. Seven ciders were chosen to accompany the meal, including one to escort Pastry Chef Nicholas Pine's dessert. "As a French chef, I never thought I'd do a full tast- ing menu with cider," Chef Chemel told diners. "It was quite exciting, actually." "It was a lot of fun," he concluded. Everyone agreed! G WASHINGTON, D.C. 2941 Restaurant April 26, 2018 HAMACHI CRUDO Asian Pear, Lucques Olive, Arbequina Olive Oil Domaine Christian Drouin Poiré Acide Sour Pear Cider GRILLED BLACK SEA BASS Walnut Caponata, Basil Eric Bordelet Poiré Authentique Pear Cider LAMB CHOP AND BELLY CONFIT Wax Beans, Ramps, Spring Garlic Famille DuPont Cidre Bouché Dry Apple Cider LA NOISETTE Candied Hazelnut, Caramel Sponge, Spiced Caramel Ice Cream, Praline Cream Eden Heirloom Blend Ice Cider PHOTOS BY JUDITH MAZZA AND ALLAN KAM Officier Allan Kam and Bailli Judith Mazza. Chevalier Mark Lewonowski and Vice Conseiller Gastronomique Michael McHenry. Chevalier Rajeev Sharma, Dame Seema Sharma, and Chevalier Paras Sharma. Kira Epstein Begal and Chevalier William Begal. Dame Kathy Cleary and Dame Whitney Babash. BAILLIAGES 86 :: C H A I N E U S . O R G :: 2 0 1 9 v 1

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