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Induction Dinner BY JIM RAY, Southwest Chargé de Presse Provincial Honoraire ON MARCH 18, 2018, San Antonio Bailliage members once again enjoyed the hospitality of the Argyle club under the leadership of General Manager/Maître Hôtelier Michael Vlad. Built in 1854, the Argyle was originally the head- quarters of a horse ranch. Around the turn of the twentieth cen- tury, it came under the ownership of Miss Alice O'Grady and became legendary for its fine cuisine and famous guests. In 1955, the Southwest Foundation for Research and Education (now called the Texas Biomedical Research Institute) pur- chased the Argyle and changed it to a private social club. It contin- ues to maintain the fine-dining standards and gracious hospital- ity for which it was always known. Bailli Provincial Bill Salomon inducted eight new members and welcomed seven confrères into the Mondiale. Chevaliers Guy Combs and Denis Feliers and Dames de la Chaîne Ashley Langston, Sandi Presley, and Patricia Weber were recognized with Share the Chaîne pins. The ceremony closed with Bailli Provincial Salomon awarding a Silver Star of Excellence to Vice Chancelier-Argentier Wilmer Carroll for his long-standing service to the bailliage. Following the fabulous dinner created by Executive Chef/Maître Rôtisseur Serge Devesa, a drawing took place in which the lucky winners got to take home bottles of wine. G SAN ANTONIO The Argyle March 18, 2018 BLACK BEAN CUSTARD Smoked Pork Belly, Plantain Chips Raymond Chardonnay 2014 VENISON AND FOIE GRAS EN CROÛTE Consommé, Sofrito Aïoli Château Bellegrave Pauillac 1997 BRANZINO AND RED SNAPPER BOUILLABAISSE Bacalao Flan, Saffron Rouille Paolo Scavino Monvigliero Barolo 2008 SOUS VIDE ANGUS FILET MIGNON ROULADE Wild Mushroom Duxelles, Rellenos de Papa Van Duzer Auction Willamette Valley 2015 CHOCOLATE AND COCONUT TRIO Dow's Quinta do Bomfim Vintage Port 1989 Officers and inductees. Bailli Provincial Bill Salomon, Vice Chancelier-Argentier Wilmer Carroll, Chargé de Presse Provincial Hon. Jim Ray, and Conseiller Gastronomique Provincial Hon. John Wade. Vice Chargé de Médias Sociaux Tom Phillips, Dame Dana Phillips, Chevalier Phil Kelly, and Dame Cheryl Kelly. Conseiller Culinaire Provincial Hon. Marvin Jones, Maître Restaurateur Patrick Ross, Maître de Table Restaurateur Moe Lazri, and Executive Chef Nelson Millán. Bailli Provincial Bill Salomon, Vice Chargée de Presse Hon. Judy Salomon, Dame Janace Wade, Conseiller Gastronomique Provincial Hon. John Wade, and Bailli Vivian Ray. Dame Sandi Presley and Chevalier Richard Presley. Chevalier Dennis Clark and Dame Claudia Hura. Ted Slusher and Dame Ashley Langston. Vice Chargée de Missions Catherine Milbourn and Chevalier Mark Milbourn. BAILLIAGES 2 0 1 9 v 1 :: G A S T R O N O M E :: 85

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