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Night in Argentina BY ROD RICHARDSON, Vice Chargé de Presse ON MAY 20, the Kansas City Bailliage traveled to Argentina without ever leaving Missouri. They did so by way of Piropos Restaurant, whose website explains that the Spanish word " piropo " does not have a precise English translation but roughly means "a flirtatious or poetic compliment to a woman." The website goes on to say that "the more clever the piropo the more it is appre- ciated by its intended recipient." Owner Cristina Worden and Executive Chef Jesus Almos hosted the delight- ful evening. The beautifully appointed restaurant offers mag- nificent views of the downtown. It also serves some of the best South American cuisine in the region. In the spirit of an Argentinian piropo , if great food is a sin, Piropos will never be forgiven! The simply pre- pared, yet flavorful meal well reflected Argentina's blend of Spanish, Italian, and French cuisines. Embracing the oppor- tunity to expand diners' culinary knowledge, Chef Almos explained each prepa- ration as it was served. Following dinner, attendees retired to the outdoor patio. As gracious gestures of appreciation, Owner Worden and Chef Almos offered them fine cognac and built a glowing fire to counter the cool May evening. Vive la Chaîne! G KANSAS CITY Piropos Restaurant May 20, 2018 LOBSTER, SHRIMP, AND OYSTER MUSHROOM EMPANADA Château Lamothe de Haux Bordeaux Blanc 2016 PEPPERCORN-ENCRUSTED AHI TUNA Heirloom Tomato Concassé Verum Pinot Noir 2014 MICROGREENS Sangria Tomatoes, Toasted Pine Nuts, Pomegranate Vinaigrette, Maytag Blue Cheese Tinto Negro Cabernet Franc 2014 PRIME BEEF FILET MIGNON Quartirolo Cheese, Sautéed Root Vegetables, Oyster Mushroom Demi-Glace Luca Malbec 2014 PISTACHIO GELATO Jackson-Triggs Reserve Vidal Icewine 2015 Toye Palazola, Alisa Cronemeyer, Grand Commandeur Richard Cronemeyer, and Chevalier Vincent McInerney. Loretta Shelley and Vice Conseiller Gastronomique Jesse Little. Jason Salinardi and Chevalier Phillip Dupont. Cyndy Price, Pam Richardson, and Vice Chargé de Presse Rod Richardson. Vice Chargé de Presse Rod Richardson. Bailli Michael Foster and Owner Cristina Worden. Executive Chef Jesus Almos. BAILLIAGES 54 :: C H A I N E U S . O R G :: 2 0 1 9 v 1

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