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Hogwarts Alumni BY SILVIA AGUILÓ, Ponce Vice Chargée de Missions PONCE AND MAYAGÜEZ bailliage members received Hogwarts Express tickets for Platform 9 ¾ announcing their joint induction dinner on May 19. Local "owls" followed up with invitations to "alumni of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry." Robes, cloaks, and capes were the requested dress code. Wands were a given. The Hilton Ponce Golf & Casino Resort used video-mapping projections to create images of the castle's facade and interior. Ministry of Magic offi- cials escorted arriving attendees to the cere- mony at which ten new members were inducted and two confrères were elevated. The banquet room had been transformed into the Hogwarts dining hall, complete with banners represent- ing the school's four houses. The courses were inspired by references from J.K. Rowling's block- buster series and prepared by chefs from area venues. Hilton Executive Chef Dominik Wirz and Senior Food and Beverage Director Rafael Lebron coordinated the event. Ponce Vice Chargée de Missions Silvia Aguiló, Vice Chancelier-Argentier Raquel Benito, and Dames de la Chaîne Susana Iglesias, Cary Collado, and Suzette Candelario assembled the Honeydukes candy trolley. Ponce Bailli Jorge Torres was the alchemist who paired the wines. Special thanks to Bailli Délégué Harold Small, Bailli Provincial Alan Feuerstein, and many other Chaîne friends for their support in the wake of Hurricane Maria. We are back! G PONCE AND MAYAGÜEZ Hilton Ponce Golf & Casino Resort May 19, 2018 Chef Carlos Portela PROFESSOR HORACE SLUGHORN POTIONS MASTER'S MONKFISH MEDALLION Chef Raul Correa RUBEUS HAGRID MAGIC PUMPKIN Chef Isaac Pacheco THE HOG'S HEAD INN BELLY Chef Dominik Wirz HOGWARTS KITCHEN YORKSHIRE LAMB CHOPS Pastry Chef Nasha Fondeur DUMBLEDORE'S LEMON DROP Mixologist José Franceschi THREE BROOMSTICKS PUB BUTTERBEER Chevalier Roberto Bàez, Dame Idhaliz Caratini, and Chevalier Fèlix Caratini. Ponce Vice Chancelier-Argentier Raquel Benito and Dame Cary Collado. Conseiller Gastronomique Provincial/Mayagüez Bailli Virgen Acosta de Obén and Bailli Provincial Hon. Marcelo Obén. Nancy Escobar and Ponce Maître Rôtisseur Eliezer Pèrez. Ponce Vice Chargé de Presse George Fahed and Chevalier Rafael Amador. Chevalier Gustavo Sànchez, Dame Blanca Sànchez, William Redondo, and Sandra Redondo. Ponce Vice Echanson Salvador Jimènez Colon, Ponce Vice Chancelier-Argentier Raquel Benito, and Orlando Soto. Ponce Bailli Jorge Torres and Ponce Vice Chargée de Missions Silvia Aguiló. Officers and inductees. BAILLIAGES 2 0 1 9 v 1 :: G A S T R O N O M E :: 33

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