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BY KERRI-ANNE RECKORD, Jamaica Vice Chargée de Presse , AND ISABELLA OVEREND, Caribbean/Atlantic Islands Chargée de Presse Provincial/Nassau Bailli CARIBBEAN/ATLANTIC ISLANDS CONFRÈRES were especially excited to hold a joint chapitre with Southeast confrères, as their last regional chapitre had been in 2013. The Jamaica Bailliage hosted the fabulous event in Ocho Rios from November 8-11, with members from Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, the U.S. Virgin Islands, the United States, and Great Britain coming together for the fun-filled weekend. The kick-off event at the Jamaica Inn was hosted by General Manager/Jamaica Maître Hôtelier Kyle Mais and his team. Known for its famous guests (Marilyn Monroe!), the hotel has appeared in many films, making the "Lights, Camera, Action"-themed event that much more fitting. In homage to Ian Fleming's larger- than-life character James Bond, the evening featured an Aston Martin, martinis, life-sized 007s, and Bond-film theme songs performed live. The next day found attendees at Stush in the Bush, nestled in the breathtaking St. Ann hills, for an amazing vegetarian luncheon hosted by co-owners Chef Lisa Binns and Christopher Binns. Bailli Délégué Harold Small presented a well-deserved Chaîne plate to the husband-and-wife team for their hospitality. At that evening's sunset beach party at the Couples San Souci resort, attend- ees were entertained by carnival-costumed dancers, aerial acrobats, and a steel drum band. A lavish buffet ran the gamut from roasted pig to scrumptious desserts while rum punch fueled the conga line, all thanks to General Manager/Jamaica Vice CARIBBEAN/ATLANTIC ISLANDS AND SOUTHEAST REGIONAL CHAPITRE PHOTOS BY CHRISTOPHER RECKORD, CHRISTOPHER WILLIAMS, AND ISABELLA OVEREND SE confrères. Puerto Rico confrères. Jamaica Vice Conseiller Culinaire Pierre Battaglia, Jamaica Vice Echanson Christopher Reckord, Chevalier Kendall Elliott, New Orleans Maître Restaurateur James Ray, Dame Debra Goldenhersh, Dame Jennifer Elliott, and Al Linares. C/AI Chambellan Provincial/Jamaica Bailli Derek Elder, Jamaica Vice Conseiller Culinaire Pierre Battaglia, Jamaica Maître Hôtelier Clifton Reader, and Bailli Délégué Harold Small. Jamaica Vice Chargée de Presse Kerri-Anne Reckord, Stush in the Bush Co-Owner/Chef Lisa Binns, Stush in the Bush Co-Owner Christopher Binns, and Bailli Délégué Harold Small. SE Bailli Provincial Hon. Charles Radlauer, C/AI Chargée de Presse Provincial/Nassau Bailli Isabella Overend, Chef Rôtisseur Stephaun Farquharson, and C/AI Bailli Provincial Hon. Ron Overend. REGIONAL 16 :: C H A I N E U S . O R G :: 2 0 1 9 v 1

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