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Spectacular Forkville Cuisine BY JEFF KWARSICK, Vice Chargé de Presse ON MARCH 29, 2018, Forkville Cuisine Owner/Chef Monte Davis and his wife, Melanie Davis, hosted the Fort Worth Mondiale at their home. Guest Chef Julia Dunaway got things off to a great start with a magnificent assortment of hot and cold appetizers. Chef Davis made producing plate after plate of delicious food look easy, despite the number of attendees (twenty-three!) far exceeding the parties of eight he usually serves at his supper clubs. Attendees found the "around-the- kitchen-counter" format both casual and convivial. Knowing the menu in advance helped them choose optimal wines from their personal cellars to share. With more than thirty wines to sample and pair, the "stand-up" dining experience was a necessity! Wines included chardonnays, German rieslings, California cabs, and more. The pièce de résistance was seared foie gras with potato, poached pear, and Cheddar. Chef Monte preheated steel skillets over an open fire on his patio to prepare for the quick sear needed for the foie gras. (Afterward, he used the leftover grease to kill off a few weeds on his new lawn!) Attendees agreed that Forkville Cuisine is destined for success as a premier underground supper club in Fort Worth! G FORT WORTH Melanie Davis, Owner/Chef Monte Davis, and Guest Chef Julia Dunaway. Chevalier John Colotta, Chevalier Buzz Hensel, Dot Hensel, and Marcia Kwarsick. Vice Conseiller Gastronomique Jean Eason Moore, Vice Echanson Weston Eidson, Chevalier Keith Fisher, Dame Jean Ann Fisher, and Vice Chargé de Missions Dan Fitzgerald. Vice Chargé de Missions Dan Fitzgerald, Bailli Randal Moore, Owner/Chef Monte Davis, and Vice Echanson Weston Eidson. MONDIALE 126 :: C H A I N E U S . O R G :: 2 0 1 9 v 1

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