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SEATTLE Annual Summer Induction Picnic BY ROBIN DU BRIN, Pacific Northwest Chargée de Presse Provincial THE SEATTLE MONDIALE held its annual summer picnic and induction ceremony at the venerable Seattle Yacht Club on July 25. Founded in 1892, the Seattle Yacht Club is one of the country's oldest and most active yacht clubs. While its main station is located on picturesque Portage Bay, as the club's website points out, there are ten outstations situated along the shores of Washington State and British Columbia. As the region devel- oped in the early twentieth century, the club grew commensurately and began attracting a mix of racers and cruisers. Built in 1920, the flagship Portage Bay club is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The Seattle Mondiale's induction event there was a tremendous success. Bailli Provincial Bertrand de Boutray officiated the ceremony, with assistance from Bailli Robert Cugini and Vice Echanson Greg Chan. The inductees were Chevaliers Mac Powell, Tuan Quang Ngo, Mark Mahan, and Karl Edmark and Dames de la Chaîne Queena Cheung and Nikki Mahan. Confrères looked on in delight as the officers yielded the mighty vine stalk and pronounced each inductee a member of the Seattle Mondiale! The ceremony was followed by a charming picnic. Great fun was had by all. Vive la Chaîne! G Chevalier Harry Bradbury and Bailli Hon. Carole Brooks. Dame Sherry Raisbeck and Chevalier James Raisbeck. Diane Birkeland, Vice Chargée de Missions Hon. Peggy Reddy, Vice Chargé de Missions Kurt Owen, and Mona Owen. Dame Nikki Mahan and Chevalier Mark Mahan. Officier Michele Heidt and Vice Chancelier-Argentier Hon. Dan Heidt. Dame Brooke de Boutray, Chevalier Douglas Howe, and Chevalier Roy Huhs. Vice Echanson Greg Chan and Bailli Robert Cugini. Chevalier Philippe Dor, Dame Leena Sturman, and Conseiller Gastronomique National Hon. Mel Sturman. MONDIALE 2 0 1 9 v 1 :: G A S T R O N O M E :: 117

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