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Kaiseki Meet Izakaya, Izakaya Meet Kaiseki BY MARSHALL L. BERENSON, Northeast Chambellan Provincial/Boston Bailli JAPANESE CUISINE HAS a long and fas- cinating history. Sushi, teppanyaki , and kaiseki have long been popular dining styles; the recent addition of izakaya has created a plethora of superb new dining options. While kaiseki is a traditional, multicourse, formal dining style that dates back to the pre-shogunate period stemming from the imperial court in Kyoto, izakaya is more akin to gastro- pubs and offers a more casual, small-plate dining style. Into Boston came the Michelin- starred, San Francisco-based Michael Mina Group, with its take on izakaya at the new outpost Pabu. Located in the city's nascently hip Downtown Crossing district, Pabu is elegant and refined, with beautiful modern Japanese décor and classic elements that evoke the appealing concept of wabi-sabi —the Buddhist- inspired aesthetic of transience and imperfection. On November 3, Boston Bailliage members were treated to an amazing meal that, while diverse and innovative in the izakaya fashion, was more in line with the luxuriousness of the kaiseki gas- tronomic experience. The group was warmly welcomed by General Manager Linchul Shin and Executive Chef Benjamin Steigers, who delivered a spectacular dining experi- ence. Special thanks to Ruby Wines for contributing Dassai 50 Junmai Daiginjo—aka the cool kids' sake—that accompanied the showstopping otoro and caviar entrée. G BOSTON PHOTOS BY MARSHALL BERENSON AND KATHY LASHAY BERENSON Boston Bailliage members. Chevalier Alan Rouleau, Vice Chargé de Missions Daniel Rosengarten, and Kerry Rosengarten. Chevalier David Patrick, Dame Sally Patrick, Baltimore Vice Echanson Hon. John Kocak, Baltimore Vice Chargée de Presse Hon. Beverly Everett, and Officier Kathy LaShay Berenson. Assistant General Manager Steven Burtman, Chambellan Provincial/Bailli Marshall Berenson, and Executive Chef Benjamin Steigers. BAILLIAGES 78 :: C H A I N E U S . O R G :: 2 0 1 8 v 2

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