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LETTER State of the Chaîne Dear Chaîne Members, One of the great benefits of membership is unused by most members—participating in the events of a bailliage other than your own! Yes, your principal activities with the Chaîne involve attending events of your home bailliage. However, you have about 130 bailliages in the Bailliage des Etats-Unis, and the Chaîne is active in approximately 80 countries. Plan some travels that will take you to one of these locations and time it so that you can participate in an event(s) of one or more other bailliages. Remember, others may have wine dinners or the like; the Chaîne has events like no others! I remember that it took me a while to understand this tremendous opportunity and benefit, and that is the reason I have written about it in this letter to you. The camaraderie and fun of your Chaîne membership experience will be magnified by meeting those belonging to other bailliages and participating with them. This ranges from the Grand Chapitre (in Seattle, October 4-7, 2018) to the Regional Chapitres. However, more than that, when planning a weekend getaway, do so in a manner that you can attend a Chaîne event of a bailliage within a couple hours' travel time. And, when planning an international escapade, find out what Chaîne events may be occurring in the city(ies) you will be visiting—reach out to the bailli(s) and ask for an invitation. You will be happy you did. You are a member of the oldest and largest food and wine society in the world. Take advantage of these terrific opportunities and benefits of membership. And, while talking with friends and family, continue to Share the Chaîne with them. Also, if you know of a community that needs a Chaîne bailliage, and you know someone willing to assist in its creation, please reach out to Chancelier National Ira Falk and me and let us know. Our Chaîne continues to grow, and the opportunities for members to participate in events are expanding. We had our fourth consecutive year of member growth. In addition to continuing to grow membership, we are continuing with the reorganization of our operations. Some of the changes will be noticeable; others less so. Thank you for working with us as we move the Chaîne forward in ways not seen for many years. We look forward to spending time with many of you in Seattle. Vive la Chaîne! Harold S. Small Bailli Délégué 2 0 1 8 v 2 :: G A S T R O N O M E :: 5

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