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treated to a fascinating wine tasting led by Cincinnati Vice Echanson Mary Horn. Next came the dedication of MCI's Chaîne Kitchen, fol- lowed by lunch in the student-run restaurant. The group returned to the Hilton that evening for the induction gala. Bailli Délégué Harold Small presided over the ceremony, with assistance from Bailli Provincial Renee Wilmeth. Sixteen members were inducted or elevated into the Chaîne and Mondiale. In addition, Bailli Provincial Wilmeth presented Bailli Elliott with a Silver Star of Excellence. Anticipation was high as Conseiller Culinaire Provincial Koetke announced that Logan Christensen from St. Louis was the winner of the Young Chefs Rôtisseurs Competition and Cincinnati's Kelsee Newman took top honors in the Pastry Competition. Bailli Elliott then had the honor of presenting a check for $15,000 to Cincinnati State President Monica Posey. With this donation, the Cincinnati Bailliage has contrib- uted more than $61,000 towards scholarships for MCI students. Diners thoroughly enjoyed the six-course dinner prepared under the direction of Executive Chef Maxime Kien. Given that it was St. Patrick's Day, the evening drew to an appropriate close with a perfor- mance by the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick glee club. G Carol Monnin, Cincinnati Vice Conseiller Gastronomique Hon. Marilyn Harris, Cincinnati Vice Echanson Hon. Mike Monnin, Paul Parks, and Cincinnati Vice Chargée de Missions Carmen Parks. Springfield Bailli John Dale Kennedy, Ronee Kennedy, Chevalier Eric Durbin, and Carol White. Chargé de Presse Provincial Lee Flischel, Cincinnati Vice Chargée de Médias Sociaux Sue Flischel, Michigan Vice Chargée de Presse Candice Clark-Bertschy, and Michigan Bailli Raymond Bertschy. Young Chefs Rôtisseurs Competition winner Logan Christensen, Floor Judge/Chef Brian Potter, Floor Judge/Chef Brian Willis, and Kitchen Manager/Culinary Arts Instructor Dan Bungenstock. Cincinnati Vice Echanson Mary Horn, Young Chefs Rôtisseurs Competition winner Logan Christensen, St. Louis Bailli Linda McGovern, and Nord Est de la Floride Professionnel du Vin Joan Szkutak. Des Moines Bailli Jim Cutter, Des Moines Vice Chargée de Presse Sandy Cutter, Echanson Provincial/Indianapolis Bailli Gregory Wallis, and Dame Betsy Wallis. Conseiller Gastronomique National Mon Roldan, Bailli Délégué Harold Small, and Cincinnati Bailli George Elliott. Officers and inductees. REGIONAL 2 0 1 8 v 2 :: G A S T R O N O M E :: 23

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