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Port Antonio's Original Jamaican Cuisine BY KERRI-ANNE RECKORD, Vice Chargée de Presse ANYONE WHO HAS visited Port Antonio on the northeast coast of Jamaica knows that it is the island's "Riviera"—a gem of natural beauty, complete with breathtaking beaches, tranquil waterfalls, and lush tropical vegeta- tion. It is also home to the Trident Hotel and Villas, one of Jamaica's most famous resorts. On October 7, General Manager Dwight Powell and his talented team treated Jamaica Bailliage members to an experience that can only be described as quintessentially Port Antonio. At the cham- pagne reception in the Explorer's Lounge, attendees enjoyed the glamour and elegance that is the Trident while reconnecting with fel- low confrères. Dinner was held in Mike's Supper Club, which is described on the hotel's website as a "cabaret lounge with a private speakeasy vibe." As Executive Chef Christian Ghisays led diners through his preparations, Select Brands Trade Development Manager/Wine Educator Debra Taylor brought the eve- ning's wines to life. The group's favorite pairing was jerk boar and Quintessa 2013. To top off the fun, Mike's All- Star Jazz Band played Jamaican folk and mento classics. A superb evening was had by all. Hats off to General Manager Powell and his outstanding team! G JAMAICA Trident Hotel October 7, 2017 PUMPKIN TURMERIC Doctor Fish Tea, Oxtail, Okra Pasquier Desvignes Chablis 2014 SLOW-BAKED COCONUT LIONFISH Chicken-Lobster-Ackee Croquette, Annatto-Janga Bisque Patz & Hall Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast 2013 BLACK ANGUS FILET Stilton Gratin Dauphinoise Château Talbot Grand Cru Classé 2001 WILD JERK PORTLAND BOAR Festival Bagel, Scotch Bonnet Quintessa 2013 GUAVA-PASSION FRUIT CRÈME BRÛLÉE, CHOCOLATE GANACHE, AND CHO CHO TARTE TATIN Thomas Barton Réserve Sauternes 2014 Officier Kolleen Russell, Vice Chancelier-Argentier Athol Smith, Officier Virginia O'Neil, Chambellan Provincial/ Bailli Derek Elder, Lorna Myers, and Chevalier Gerry Niesen. Yvonne Tucker, Officier Celia Hoehener, Officier Maître de Table Restaurateur Gloria Schenk, and Chambellan Provincial Hon./Bailli Hon. Kermit Tucker. General Manager Dwight Powell, Vice Conseiller Culinaire Pierre Battaglia, and Chambellan Provincial/Bailli Derek Elder. Dame Megan Deane, Rosemarie Voordouw, Maître Hôtelier Charmaine Deane, and Chambellan Provincial Hon./Bailli Hon. Kermit Tucker. Richard Simpson, Shereen Simpson, Dame Andrea Cowan, and Chevalier Peter Cowan. Dame Marian Vaughan and Chevalier Leon Vaughan. Dame Renee Menzies-McCallum and Ed Khoury. Melanie Schwapp and Chevalier Philip Schwapp. Vice Conseiller Culinaire Pierre Battaglia and Delouise Fong. BAILLIAGES 2 0 1 8 v 2 :: G A S T R O N O M E :: 113

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