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Roìa Resplendence BY MARK SABA, Vice Chargé de Presse THE CONNECTICUT BAILLIAGE rang in the holiday season on December 10 at Roìa Restaurant and Café in New Haven, Connecticut. Roìa takes its name from a river that flows between France and Italy, originating in the French Alps and merging into the Ligurian Sea at the Italian town of Ventimiglia. Roìa's cuisine has currents running through both the French and Italian traditions, making for a unique and delicious dining experience. Seasonal bounty and the craft of local farmers and fishermen inspire the menu. Owner/Executive Chef Avi Szapiro, a native of Colombia, delighted the group with cuisine in the European tradition. NPR's Bruce Barber noted that the chef's "love for food and pas- sion for cooking have taken him all over the world…. He has cooked in Michelin star restaurants in Lyon and London." The meal was served in a gracious balcony room overlooking the main dining area of what was once one of New Haven's most elegant hotels. Chaîne camaraderie was at its best as con- frères exchanged holiday wishes, placed bids on orphan bottles from the chapter's cellar, and applauded Chef Szapiro and his team for creating the stellar repast. G CONNECTICUT Roìa December 10, 2017 CRISPY POACHED EGG Parmigiano Fondue, Radicchio Tardivo Dönnhoff Riesling Trocken 2016 BRAISED CELERY HEART Celeriac Purée, Celery Seed Vinaigrette Domaine Vacheron Sancerre 2013 PASTRAMI SANDWICH-STYLE SEARED DUCK BREAST Domaine Comte Georges de Vogüé Chambolle-Musigny 2004 SHORT RIB RAVIOLI Egg Yolk-Truffle Emulsion Cape Mentelle Cabernet Sauvignon Margaret River 2002 APPLE PIE PANNA COTTA Onyx Moonshine Caramel, Caramelized Apple Vice Chargé de Presse Mark Saba, Bailli Ginnie Kagan, Bailli Hon. Al Reams, and Vice Echanson John Salling. Owner/Executive Chef Avi Szapiro with sous-chefs. Owner/Executive Chef Avi Szapiro. BAILLIAGES 2 0 1 8 v 2 :: G A S T R O N O M E :: 111

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