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Paso Robles! BY MARIE ADDARIO, Vice Chargée de Presse National WITHIN THE COASTAL mountains of central California, on the Salinas River, Paso Robles—which translates to "Pass of the Oaks"— boasts over 200 wineries, 26,000 vineyard acres, and 40 wine varietals. The area is also known for its hot springs, olive oil, and almond orchards. Grape growing in the region began in 1797 and, with the exception of during Prohibition, has continued ever since, with significant growth in the last 20 years. The luxurious Allegretto Vineyard Resort provided a rich tapestry of food, culture, and beauty for attendees of the National Société Mondiale du Vin Meeting and Young Sommeliers Competition from May 3-6. Grand Echanson Joseph D'Ambrosio, with assistance from Chancelier National Ira Falk, saw to every detail of this annual, multifaceted wine festival. A lively welcome reception at the Allegretto on Thursday officially kicked off the weekend. Dine-arounds were offered at Bistro Laurent, Thomas Hill Organics, Il Cortile Ristorante, and the Allegretto's Cello Ristorante. On Friday, wine-tasting tours followed by lunch were enjoyed at Tablas Creek, Alta Colina, Daou, Eberle, Denner, and Justin wineries. That afternoon, the highly anticipated Young Sommeliers Competition took place. Vice Echanson National Geoff Labitzke, MW, smoothly ran not only this national competition but the regional contests as well. Adding to the fun and drama, the audience blind-tasted the competi- tion wines along with the competitors. Esteemed judges were Masters of Wine Vice Echanson National Labitzke and New York Professionnel du Vin Mary Gorman-McAdams; former competition winners Professionnel du Vin Mia van de Water and San Francisco Sommelier Vincent Morrow; and Chaîne confrères Conseiller Gastronomique National Simeon Roldan, Southwest Echanson Provincial William Ridlehuber, and Mid-Atlantic Echanson Provincial/Garden State Bailli George Staikos. Bailli Délégué Harold Small officiated the induction and awards ceremonies. Immediately following, the winners were announced: Jeremy Shanker (PNW) took first place, Andrea Morris (NE) placed second, and Micah Clark (PNW) placed third. Bailli Délégué Small PHOTOS BY DAVID RAMSEY COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY Andrea Morris (NE, second place), Jeremy Shanker (PNW, winner), and Micah Clark (PNW, third place). Grand Echanson Joseph D'Ambrosio, Vice Echanson National Geoff Labitzke, MW, Micah Clark (PNW, third place), Andrea Morris (NE, second place), Jeremy Shanker (PNW, winner), and Bailli Délégué Harold Small. Allegretto Vineyard Resort. NATIONAL 10 :: C H A I N E U S . O R G :: 2 0 1 8 v 2

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