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Welcoming a Brilliant Chef BY PATRICK J. EGAN, Vice Chargé de Presse THE UNIVERSITY CLUB of New York is known not only for its architectural splendor but also for the culinary brilliance of Executive Chef Robert Bagli. On January 23, Chef Bagli and General Manager/Vice Conseiller Culinaire Honoraire John Dorman orches- trated a magnificent evening for sixty mem- bers of the New York Bailliage. To start, Bailli Délégué Harold Small elevated the chapter's own Joseph D'Ambrosio to grand echanson and Andrew Cappuccino to echan- son provincial. He then inducted Dames de la Chaîne Damla Comert and Susan Schiff and Professionnels du Vin David Klass, Sabra Lewis, Marla Priest, Michael Shef, Monica Vaughan, and Paola Vecchiolla. Grand Echanson D'Ambrosio's first duty was to induct new members into the Mondiale, which he did with his usual panache. The reception featured a regal Titanic ice sculp- ture layered with culinary treats. In the candlelit dining room filled with pink roses, attendees were treated to a concert by three of New York's finest vocalists. However, the most memorable moment of the evening was the induction of Chef Bagli as maître rôtisseur. It is through individuals of his quality and accomplishments that the Chaîne continues to thrive. G NEW YORK University Club of New York January 23, 2018 CHESTNUT-MUSHROOM SOUP Equipo Navazos la Bota de Fino 68 Macharnudo Alto Sherry LANGOUSTINES THERMIDOR Salmon Paupiettes Tyler Chardonnay Dierberg Vineyard 2014 ROAST DUCKLING Spiced Apple Sauce Hospices de Beaune Corton Grand Cru Cuvée Charlotte Dumay 2013 FILET MIGNONS LILI Foie Gras, Haricots Verts Les Forts de Latour Pauillac 1985 WALDORF PUDDING Château d'Yquem Sauternes 1989 PHOTOS BY TRAVIS KEYES Entertainers. Vice Conseiller Culinaire Hon. John Dorman, Vice Conseiller Gastronomique Hon. Omar Khan, Chambellan Provincial/Bailli Jim Wallick, Executive Chef/Maître Rôtisseur Robert Bagli, Bailli Délégué Harold Small, and Grand Echanson Joseph D'Ambrosio. Officers and inductees. Chambellan Provincial/Bailli Jim Wallick, Echanson Provincial Andrew Cappuccino, and Bailli Délégué Harold Small. Executive Chef/Maître Rôtisseur Robert Bagli and Vice Chargé de Presse Patrick Egan. BAILLIAGES 102 :: C H A I N E U S . O R G :: 2 0 1 8 v 2

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