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Evening with a Master Butcher BY BEVERLY EVERETT, Vice Chargée de Presse ALTHOUGH INDEPENDENT BUTCHERY has become less common in the United States in recent years, interest in the art remains as culinary trends tilt toward more attention to food provenance. It was a great privilege for the Baltimore Bailliage and Stratford University School of Culinary Arts to host Master Butcher Marc Pauvert for a master class and dinner on February 22. Mr. Pauvert earned certification as a Master Butcher in his home country of France. Since moving to the United States in 1986, he has operated charcuteries, butcheries, and brasseries; he currently prac- tices his craft at the Four Seasons Hotel in Baltimore. Master butchery encompasses all aspects of meat operations, including cutting, aging, cost control, and ensuring that all usable cuts are put to good use, as well as mentoring less experienced butchers. The charming Mr. Pauvert treated attendees to a fast-paced, highly skilled demonstration of trimming, cutting, and dressing beef tenderloins. They were further impressed by his adeptness at filleting fish. Meanwhile, Vice Conseiller Culinaire Eric Yeager—director of Stratford's culinary arts school—and his team were at work on a deli- cious meal that incorporated the fish and meat Mr. Pauvert readied for cooking. All agreed that the event was a standout. The Chaîne will use proceeds from the evening to fund scholarships for Stratford University's School of Culinary Arts. G Taking Care of Business BY JUDITH KELLOGG, Hawaii/Pacific Islands Chargée de Presse Provincial A CARDINAL RULE of the Chaîne is no speeches. Yet, the Kauai/Oahu Bailliage has been making an exception to this rule for many years. At the annual business meet- ing, the bailli—who is currently Kathryn Nicholson—details the state of the chap- ter and elaborates on her vision for the future. Lively discus- sion follows. The chapter's business meeting at the Oahu Country Club on February 28 gave members a collective sense of ownership over the bailliage, thereby uniting them in a unique way. They also got to do what they most often do together: enjoy good food and wine in a beautiful setting! The annual business meeting also illuminates for members the extensive work involved in creating events. This particular meet- ing was an actual example of how unforeseen complications get resolved behind the scenes. Bailli Nicholson had originally planned the meeting at a different, "happening" venue. But surprise!—that restaurant closed without warning just weeks before the scheduled date. With her characteristic cool head, the resourceful, proactive Bailli Nicholson worked her magic by circumventing a potential disaster and lining up this beautiful evening at the Oahu Country Club instead. G BALTIMORE KAUAI/OAHU Vice Echanson Jack Kocak, Master Butcher Marc Pauvert, Vice Conseiller Culinaire Eric Yeager and Conseiller Gastronomique Provincial/Bailli Stuart Goldberg. Professionnel du Vin Jan de Tastes, Bailli Provincial Bruce Liebert, Bailli Hon. Maurice Nicholson and Bailli Kathryn Nicholson. (Standing) Maître Hôtelier Terry Dowsett, Dame Bobbette Johnson and Vice Conseiller Gastronomique Hon. Mirella Monoscalco; (seated) Bailli Hon. Koen Witteveen. BAILLIAGES 2 0 1 6 v 2 :: G A S T R O N O M E :: 97

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