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Elegant Celebration BY DAWN H. GROHS, South Central Chargée de Presse Provincial Honoraire DID YOU EVER wonder how the Vanderbilts celebrated the holidays at their Biltmore home? The Asheville Bailliage's elegant event on December 6 at the Inn on Biltmore Estate was reminis- cent of those holiday fêtes of yesteryear. The menu was adapted from an actual Vanderbilt menu for just such an occa- sion and presented with all the pomp that tradition demanded. Arriving members were delighted by a gingerbread replica of the Biltmore mansion. Following the reception, the doors were opened to the grand ball- room in which garlands had been hung and festively dressed tables awaited. Bailli Provincial Tony Hirsh inducted twelve new members: Dames de la Chaîne Donna Baily, Taylor Foss, Gayle Hanley, Sandi Heckman, Joan MacNeill, Kathryn Poslusny and Eileen Reynolds, and Chevaliers David Bailey, Gary Foss, Timothy Butts, Calvin Reynolds, and Tim Smith. In addition, Vice Conseiller Gastronomique Artur Loli and Vice Echanson Heinz Grohs were elevated. After a warm welcome to new mem- bers and recognition of those otherwise honored, the assembly settled in for the sumptuous feast. The celebration closed with Bailli Beth Poslusny leading attend- ees in acknowledging Executive Chef David Ryba for his integral role in creat- ing this outstanding evening. G ASHEVILLE Bailli Beth Poslusny, Dame Kathryn Poslusny and Bailli Provincial Tony Hirsh. Executive Chef David Ryba. Chevalier Brown Crosby, Chevalier Jim Olson and Kitty Olson. Chevalier Richard Shields, Dame Ginny Weiler and Vice Chargé de Missions Robert Weiler. Bailli Provincial Tony Hirsh, Chargée de Presse Provincial Dawn Grohs, Chevalier Gary Foss, Dame Taylor Foss and Vice Echanson Heinz Grohs. Bailli Provincial Hon. Tom Ruff and Dame Kay Ray. BAILLIAGES 2 0 1 6 v 2 :: G A S T R O N O M E :: 85

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