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Jeunes Sommeliers Competition VADUZ, LIECHTENSTEIN AUGUST 25-26, 2016 The Winner of the 10th International Final Is Martin Sheehan-Stross Representing the U.S. Bailliage THE TENTH INTERNATIONAL Jeunes Sommeliers Competition from August 25-26, 2016 was the most successful to date, with sixteen con- testants participating from around the world. Asia was particularly well represented. The Principality of Liechtenstein, with its impressive mountains and fantastic vineyards, was the perfect locale for this event. The hos- pitality, facilities, and weather in the capital city of Vaduz were all outstanding. Working with International Jeunes Sommeliers Competition Committee members International Vice-President Marie Jones and Membre, Conseil d'Administration Klaus Tritschler, Bailli Délégué Daniel Jäggi and his wife, Chancelier Strit Doris Jäggi-Lind, together with their team, did their utmost to ensure that everything went smoothly, from airport transfers to dinners to the competition itself. After two days of intense testing, the team of judges, headed by Officier Maître Sommelier Brian Julyan, MS—CEO of the Court of Master Sommeliers, Europe—declared U.S. Bailliage representa- tive Martin Sheehan-Stross the winner. Romain Bourger from the Great Britain Bailliage placed second, and Emmanuel Cadieu from the Australia Bailliage placed third. Judges and aficionados alike agreed that the standard of the com- petition continues to reach new heights. In one of the closest finals yet, Mr. Sheehan-Stross came out on top in the face of stiff competition from highly motivated and knowledgeable rivals. At the awards ceremony on Friday night, all of the competitors were inducted into the Chaîne as sommeliers. Prizes generously pro- vided by the competition's international sponsors included Wempe Zeitmeister wristwatches, bottles of Irvine Wines' famous Australian Merlot, and magnums and bottles of champagne from Laurent-Perrier and Louis Roederer. Organized at a national bailliage level, Swarovski then presented all of the competitors with watches. The ceremony concluded with the presentation of certificates and commemorative medals to the panel of excellent judges as acknowledgment of their support. But it was not all testing and formality for the competitors. On Thursday afternoon, a sommeliers' race through the streets of Vaduz— PHOTOS BY PAUL TRUMMER won by Fruzsina Nagy from Hungary—proved to be a fun and friendly competition. That evening, an informal "Beer and Dine" event at a local brewery made for a relaxing time before the rigors of continued testing on Friday. G Marie Jones International Vice-President Membre, International Jeunes Sommeliers Competition Committee Grand Echanson Charles Bennett, Her Serene Highness Princess Marie von und zu Liechtenstein, Winner Martin Sheehan-Stross (United States) and Vice Echanson National des Jeunes Sommeliers David Merrill. International Vice-President Marie Jones, Winner Martin Sheehan-Stross (United States) and Membre, Conseil d'Administration Klaus Tritschler. Romain Bourger (second place; Great Britain), Winner Martin Sheehan-Stross (United States) and Emmanuel Cadieu (third place; Australia). 2 0 1 6 v 2 :: G A S T R O N O M E :: 7 INTERNATIONAL

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