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Seduction Induction BY MARIA EUGENIA EASTLICK Vice Chargée de Presse ON MARCH 18, Miami Bailliage members enjoyed a sensuous culinary adventure at the historic Biltmore Hotel Miami-Coral Gables. Bailli Nancy Radlauer introduced the evening's hon- ored guests: Bailli de Guayaquil Carlos Pernigotti and his wife, Jacqui; West Palm Beach Bailli Leila Warren; Space Coast Vice Chancelier-Argentier Stephen Houser; and Chevalier Alex Cruz and Dame de la Chaîne Gretchen Rodriguez from the Ponce Bailliage. Bailli Provincial Charles Radlauer then inducted many new members into the Chaîne and the Mondiale and elevated Vice Echanson Lewis Eastlick and Officier Phyllis Martin. Longstanding members, including Grand Commandeur Marilyn Fellman, were honored. Bailli Radlauer announced the appointment of Chevalier Barry Gersten to Maître de Social Media and presented Vice Chargé de Missions Josh Mungavin with a Bronze Star of Excellence. Executive Chef/Maître Rôtisseur David Hackett's menu featured such course titles as "Setting the Mood," "First Kiss," and "Hot and Steamy." When everyone opened their gift bags to find a sensually titled cookbook, laughter erupted throughout the room. At evening's end, Bailli Radlauer held a raffle to raise scholarship funds for aspiring young chefs and thanked Chef Hackett, his team, and student- volunteers from Johnson & Wales University for an outstanding and very sexy Miami affair! G MIAMI PHOTOS BY DAPHNE DIAZ Longstanding members, including Grand Commandeur Marilyn Fellman, were honored. Chaîne confrères. Bailli Nancy Radlauer, Jack Doerfler, Josh Doerfler, Chase Doerfler and Bailli Provincial Charles Radlauer. Maître Rôtisseur Wolfgang Wehen, Maître Rôtisseur David Hackett and Maître Hôtelier Dan Tanner. Dame Carmen Raldiris, Dame Carmen Bigles-Raldiris and Chevalier Pedro Serrano-Ojeda. Vice Chargé de Missions Josh Mungavin, Bailli Nancy Radlauer and Chevalier Barry Gersten. Chevalier Dan Barsky, Lauren Mungavin, Gloria Smith Brehm and Kim Prior. Chevalier Dan Kamis, Dame Lillian Kamis, Chevalier Penn Chabrow and Sheila Chabrow. BAILLIAGES 70 :: C H A I N E U S . O R G :: 2 0 1 6 v 2

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