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LETTER State of the Chaîne In the last issue of Gastronome Extra! information about improvement in our membership numbers and other successes was described. It has been an amazing year and it is not yet over. Our travel opportunities for members continue to expand, our first ever Chefs Visitation Program has been launched, and the number of bailliage events has increased! These and many other advancements of the Chaîne will be described during our National Council Meeting in Las Vegas. The Chaîne's operations are dependent mostly upon an "all-volunteer army"—lots of members doing many things for the benefit of others. Thank you to all that have volunteered and assisted. Our office staff that supports our efforts and assists you has been the same for a number of years. However, in 2016, Clyde Braunstein retired as our Executive Director after twenty-two years of service to all of us. Thank you, Clyde! He will be honored during our gala at the Grand Chapitre in Las Vegas. We also welcome our new Executive Director, Kevin Dunn. And we thank Linda Muldoon and Sue Ellen Mikowski for their continuing assistance. Thank you to all of the volunteers that worked hard to create Chaînesational events for members. They included many firsts and lots of events (almost 1,000 of them), including eight regional assemblages, our Grand Chapitre in San Juan, Puerto Rico, our National Mondiale Weekend, our first ever National Culinary Weekend, a Brillat-Savarin weekend, five approved Chaîne travel programs, and the birth and restart of new bailliages. Turn to our national calendar to learn about regional and national events in which you can participate (check our website for the most recent updates). They are diverse and many. Our Chaîne rebuilding efforts are continuing because this affords you more Chaînetastic events in which to participate. While traveling, you have the ability to participate in events throughout the Bailliage des Etats-Unis, and when you travel to other countries, you may participate in their events as well. Bailliages that were started or rebuilt this past year include: Denver, Colorado, Sacramento, California, Grand Cayman, Central Alabama, and Westchester, New York. Bailliages in formation or rebuilding stages include: Portland, Oregon, Vero Beach, Florida, Scottsdale/Phoenix, Arizona, Dallas, Texas, Los Angeles, California, Mid-Hudson, New York, Louisville, Kentucky, The Cliffs, South Carolina, Columbus, Georgia, Savannah, Georgia, New Hampshire, and Vermont. 2017 should be an exciting year. We look forward to being with many of you in Las Vegas at a Chaînetastic Grand Chapitre. Vive la Chaîne! Harold S. Small Bailli Délégué National 2 0 1 6 v 2 :: G A S T R O N O M E :: 5

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