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Starting the Season with Panache BY ISABELLA OVEREND, Caribbean/Atlantic Islands Chargée de Presse Provincial/Nassau Bailli THE NASSAU BAILLIAGE'S season opener on September 22, 2015 began with a poolside reception at the home of Chargée de Presse Provincial/Bailli Isabella Overend and Bailli Provincial Ron Overend. Jamal Small, a Villa chef at the world-famous One&Only Ocean Club and the winner of the 2015 Caribbean/Atlantic Islands Regional Young Chefs Rôtisseurs Competition, prepared delectable canapés. After thanking Chef Small, Chargée de Presse Provincial/Bailli Overend introduced another of the region's winners—Chef Rôtisseur Richmond Fowler II—who placed third in the Chaîne's national competition in 2012. Limousines delivered attendees to Todd English's Olives restaurant in the Atlantis Casino. Conseiller Culinaire Provincial Fred Lightbourn directed the group to a private room with a wine cel- lar. Dinner was served in this cozy setting of candles, flowers, and tables bearing olives and focaccia. Echanson Provincial Philip Hillier provided wine commentary throughout the meal. At evening's end, Chef de Cuisine Ken Simpson and his excellent team received a special plaque as a token of the group's appreciation. This dinner at two delightful settings felt intimate in spite of its geographical scope and made for a wonderful evening of Chaîne camaraderie. G NASSAU PHOTOS BY ANDREW AITKEN Chargée de Presse Provincial/Bailli Isabella Overend, Chef de Cuisine Ken Simpson, General Manager Leonardo Mariotti and Assistant Manager Barry Sawyer. Philip Philip, Jr., Dame Gerry Hillier, Vice Chargée de Presse Cecile Dean and Echanson Provincial Philip Hillier. Dorothea Aitken and Vice Chargé de Missions Andrew Aitken. Chargée de Presse Provincial/Bailli Isabella Overend and Dame Marlene O'Brien. Khari Albury, Sonia Forbes, Chef Rôtisseur Richmond Fowler II and Denarika Bostwick. BAILLIAGES 2 0 1 6 v 2 :: G A S T R O N O M E :: 55

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