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Dedication of Chaîne Wall at Stratford BY BEVERLY EVERETT, Vice Chargée de Presse ON OCTOBER 23, 2015, the Baltimore Bailliage marked a significant milestone with a celebration of its new alliance with Stratford University's School of Hospitality & Culinary Arts, Baltimore Campus. This partnership with an important local culinary institution will support the education and careers of young chefs and hospitality students while enhancing the bailliage's membership and mission. The concept of affiliating with a culinary educational partner began with Conseiller Gastronomique Provincial/Bailli Stuart Goldberg three years ago. It evolved gradually through relationships with young chefs through the local American Culinary Federation chapter. Due to the dedicated work of Conseiller Gastronomique Provincial/Bailli Goldberg, Stratford Campus Director/Maître Hôtelier Darryl Campbell, and others, the dream of an affiliation between the two enti- ties is now a reality. The October event included open- classroom sessions and chef demonstrations. Culinary students prepared a buffet under the supervision of Vice Conseiller Culinaire Eric Yeager, CEC—department chair of Stratford's culinary program. Hospitality Professor/Maître Restaurateur Charlene Porter guided the hos- pitality students. The dedication of the Chaîne wall was acknowledged with remarks from Conseiller Gastronomique Provincial/Bailli Goldberg, Campus Director Campbell, and Chef Yeager. The wall displays information about the Baltimore Bailliage and the Chaîne as an inter- national organization. Confrères, faculty, and students are excited about the possibilities for further cooperation in the coming years. G BALTIMORE Stratford Culinary Program Department Chair/Vice Conseiller Culinaire Eric Yeager, CEC, Conseiller Gastronomique Provincial/ Bailli Stuart Goldberg and Stratford Campus Director/Maître Hôtelier Darryl Campbell. Vice Chancelier-Argentier Terry Phillips-Seitz and Dame Francesca Rossi. Barbara Seitz and Dame Francesca Rossi. Conseiller Gastronomique Provincial/Bailli Stuart Goldberg and Rôtisseur Eric Isennock. Stratford Hospitality Professor/ Maître Restaurateur Charlene Porter. Stratford hospitality staff. ...the dream of an affiliation between the two entities is now a reality. BAILLIAGES 50 :: C H A I N E U S . O R G :: 2 0 1 6 v 2

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