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Brookfield Black- Tie Induction Gala BY HELEN CAPPUCCINO, Northeast Chargée de Presse Provincial/Buffalo Bailli THE FIRST REAL winter weather on January 23 was the backdrop for the Buffalo Bailliage's induction gala at Brookfield Country Club. Ten of the fifty attendees were inducted that evening, representing less than half of the nearly thirty who would join the Buffalo Chapter in 2016. Presiding officer Chambellan Provincial Mont Stern inducted Ecuyers Dana and Lindsay Cornell; Dames de la Chaîne Laureen Enright, Madeline Lillie, and Roslyn Sciascia; Chevaliers David Lillie and Robert Ziradinov; and Professionnels du Vin Anthony Pandolfi, Robin Ross, and Duncan Ross. In addition, Officier David Smith was elevated, and Guelfo Canali received his officier commandeur pin for thirty years of service! The eight-course meal created by Executive Chef/Chef Rôtisseur Calvin College was divine. Afterward, with spirits sufficiently relaxed, attendees joined in singing the Mondiale song, led by New York Vice Conseiller Gastronomique Andrew Cappuccino and velvet- robed officers, including Vice Echanson Honoraire Sharon Osgood, Bailli Honoraire Robert Leighton, and Chambellan Provincial Stern. With gestures of the dried vine, six members joined the Mondiale. The evening finished with enthusiastic recognition of the kitchen and service staffs. Chef College's parting gift was lovely mignardises for each guest, who left sated and happy to be a part of such a fun and friendly group. G Polishing Off Sake BY SUZANNE READE, Vice Chargée de Presse RECENTLY NAMED A top ramen destination, Ani is rapidly gain- ing a reputation as one of Chicago's most innovative Japanese restaurants, where Japanese street and bar food is elevated to gour- met levels. At the Lake Shore Bailliage's dinner there on March 13, Bailli Bruce Foudree and Owner Ty Fujimura introduced confrères to sev- eral rare sakes. "Most of the sakes we are serving you tonight cannot be found, even if you are a restaurant," Owner Fujimura noted. Diners learned that sake rice differs from region to region. It is polished to remove the outer layers until only the inner, starchy center remains. There are different classes of polishing, and, in some of the rarest sakes, only twelve percent of the rice remains. Some ancient refining methods take weeks to complete. The filtering pro- cess is also time-consuming; the drip method filters the sake drop by drop. Adding to the discussion was Vice Conseiller Gastronomique Judy Hirsch, who remarked, "Some sakes are best with spicy food, while others compliment more delicate flavors." Executive Chef Shin Matsuda expounded on the subject matter by explaining the finer points of Japanese cooking. G BUFFALO LAKE SHORE PHOTOS BY JACQUELINE CAPPUCCINO Chambellan Provincial Mont Stern, Chargée de Presse Provincial/Bailli Helen Cappuccino and Officier Commandeur Guelfo Canali. Executive Chef/Chef Rôtisseur Calvin College. PHOTOS BY JOHNSEYE PHOTOGRAPHY Executive Chef Shin Matsuda. BAILLIAGES 2 0 1 6 v 2 :: G A S T R O N O M E :: 49

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