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Induction Gala at La Panetière BY LOUIS BRUNO, JR., Bailli THE WESTCHESTER Bailliage's elegant induc- tion gala was held at La Panetière restaurant in Rye, New York, on March 6. Owner Jacques Loupiac, Executive Chef Dean Loupiac, and Maître d' Stephane Mazet dis- played their Escoffier expertise with a contem- porary twist. was sabered by Bailli Lou Bruno, Jr. into a cascade of crystal. The wine highlight of the evening was an Imperial of Château Kirwan Margaux 2005. Bailli Provincial Gabor Huszar presided over the ceremonies, elevating Bailli Bruno, Vice Chancelier-Argentier Matthew Bruno, Vice Chargé de Presse Jeffrey Cohan, Vice Conseiller Gastronomique Robert Dilworth, and Vice Echanson Carroll Bodie. The induct- ees were Maîtres Rôtisseurs Katharine Woodward and Christine Warrington; Professionnel du Vin Mario Rinaldi; Chevalier Steve Bilbrey; and Dames de la Chaîne Jasmin Cowin and Kim Freeman. Honored guests from other chapters were Bailli William Harris and Vice Chancelier-Argentier Holly Katz from the Albany Bailliage and Professionnel du Vin Louis Bruno III, Dame de la Chaîne Jarret Castelluccio, and Chevalier Joseph Castelluccio from the New York Bailliage. G at Kanella BY ELIAV BARR, Vice Chargé de Presse THE BLESSING AND curse of an ideal locale is that many covet it. Such is the case with Cyprus, which sits strategically in the eastern Mediterranean region at the crossroads of trading routes connect- ing ancient and modern empires. Over the millennia, Cyprus was occupied by Greeks, Romans, Persians, Venetians, Turks, Arabs, and British. This rich mélange has resulted in a unique, sophisticated cui- sine that melds the best of all of these cultures. Philadelphia is lucky to have Kanella—one of the few authentic Cypriot restaurants in the United States—and Philadelphia Bailliage members had the good fortune of dining there on January 17. The combined passion, culinary skill, commitment to authenticity, and attention to detail of Owner/Chef Konstantino Pitsillides resulted in a spectacular showcasing of this cuisine. The food was paired with some stellar but underrated wines of the region, including Gaia Thalassitis Assyrtiko 2013, with its honeysuckle nose and bracing minerality. Attendees gave a hearty efharisto to the chef and his team for introducing them to Cypriot cuisine with a meal worthy of the Chaîne's high standards. G WESTCHESTER PHILADELPHIA Bailli Thomas Knox, Susan Davidson, Vice Chargé de Presse Eliav Barr and Vice Conseiller Culinaire James Evans. Officier Robin Lowey and Dame Ruth Morelli. Owner/Chef Konstantinos Pitsillides and Officier Paul Koulogeorge. PHOTOS BY WILLIAM HARRIS Chevalier Steve Bilbrey, Mary Bilbrey and Maître Rôtisseur Christine Warrington. Owner Jacques Loupiac and Bailli Louis Bruno, Jr. New York Professionnel du Vin Louis Bruno III. BAILLIAGES 42 :: C H A I N E U S . O R G :: 2 0 1 6 v 2

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