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Trends Bubbling Up in France BY SUZANNE READE, Vice Chargée de Presse AT THE LAKE Shore Mondiale's champagne tasting on November 8, 2015, Sommelier Anthony Minne—wine manager at Plum Market in Chicago—introduced attendees to new methods of champagne production. While some champagne buyers choose traditional producers who blend grapes into a consistent taste year after year, others, explained Sommelier Minne, focus on producing notable vintages that were fine wines before being made into champagne. Some vineyards outside of the Champagne region have been taken over by a new generation of winemakers, who are producing cham- pagnes that truly reflect the terroir of the region, focusing on a single grape variety, vineyard, and vintage. Soil and microclimates produce variations, but there is also more variety in growing methods, including the biodynamic method articulated by Rudolf Steiner, a German-Austrian philosopher and educator who re-introduced the ancient ideas of farm sustainability and biodiversity. Some of the most interesting champagnes are grown in small plots and produced using a blend of new and old methods. One notable example that the group tasted was Cedric Bouchard Roses de Jeanne Val Vilaine Blanc de Noirs 2012. It consists of 100% Pinot Noir first- press juice that was hand harvested and crushed by foot. It is fermented using indigenous wild yeast and, in a nod to modernity, aged in stain- less steel. G LAKE SHORE PHOTOS BY JOHNSEYE PHOTOGRAPHY Bailli Bruce Foudree, Dame Barbara Sudlow, Dame Deborah Long, Dame Jayne Griese, Chevalier Bill Sudlow, Vice Chargée de Presse Suzanne Reade and Chevalier Jeff Griese. Corps des Ambassadors Program Chair/Vice Chargée de Missions Kaye Rahn and Officier Cindy Schramm. Bailli Bruce Foudree and Plum Market Sommelier Anthony Minne. MONDIALE 2 0 1 6 v 2 :: G A S T R O N O M E :: 133

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