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The Dinner Awards Committee voted after each event and awarded one estab- lishment per year this coveted prize. The Chaîne was the only game in town for high-quality dining. During the nineties, Bailli Roger Tracy (1996-2004) confronted competition from dégustation menus. The Chicago Chapter delivered uniqueness by pour- ing great wines from its cellar and provided members with cost-effective, upscale culinary experiences. Building and maintaining relationships with hotel general managers and executive chefs became vital. The world of high gastronomy was now fully visible via graduates of Charlie Trotter's opening their own restaurants. The Mondiale became vigorous, and the chapter welcomed Hubert Trimbach; the late Serge Hochar, owner of Château Musar; La Comtesse de Lalande owner Pichon-Longueville; Ken Forrester from Stellenbosch; and cult wine producers from California. The Chicago Bailliage also hosted the Young Sommeliers Competitions. Bailli Heinz Kern (2004-2006) was a veteran of the bailliage's professional membership. He was well known among the city's hospitality cognoscenti, using this access to advance the chapter. Fresh challenges emerged for Bailli Jane Tracy (2006-2013). The economic decline meant that neither host establishments nor Chicago members would be willing to settle for anything less than giving and getting value for money. Dinners at different price points were introduced, along with efforts to recruit a new genera- tion of members. Philanthropy towards Chicago's leading culinary school, Kendall College, was launched. Regional and National Young Chefs Rôtisseurs Competitions were hosted, and the first Chaîne Kitchen was installed at Kendall College. Young graduates would now go out into the world knowing about the Chaîne. Bailli Simeon "Mon" Roldan became the chapter's next highly knowledge- able leader in June 2013. He was the architect of the chapter's cellar for a decade. Chicago's fine-dining restaurants were transformed into more casual environments. A new group of future leaders with new challenges continues the Chicago Chapter's story under Bailli Roldan's tutelage, inviting vision for the future of the venerable Chicago Bailliage. G Display at Kendall College. 2 0 1 6 v 2 : G A S T R O N O M E :: 127 ANNIVERSARIES

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