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The Chicago Bailliage's BY JANE TRACY, Bailli Honoraire/Commandeur TWO THOUSAND SIXTEEN marks the fiftieth anniversary of the Chicago Bailliage, whose longevity and reputation have relied upon those who went before and whose inspiration and vision will continue to benefit current and future members. The Chicago Chapter was founded by Dr. George Rezek in1966, when Chicago was a culinary desert. Grand Chaîne dinners were held at luxury hotels during the bleak winter months when business was quiet and professional members could attend. No one else in the city dined like the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs! The Drake was years ahead of its time, and its opulent Gold Coast Room became the go-to venue for the Chicago Chapter's annual induction dinners. The Chicago Bailliage was the twelfth U.S. Chaîne chapter. Early leadership wisely purchased wines for layaway, and the renowned Chicago Chapter cellar was born. This practice was upheld by subsequent baillis and has resulted in exquisite wines consis- tently being poured. During the early years, Chicago Chaîne events were black-tie affairs featuring only French wines and cuisine. Then, in 1973, French Chef Jean Banchet opened the nation- followed by Charlie Trotter and Chef Jean Joho of Everest. The Chicago dining scene was undergoing a seismic shift. Bailli Délégué du Midwest Louis Blacher navigated the seventies. He harnessed the hospitality industry and provided lavish evenings across the city. He also set an example for future baillis, illustrating why professional members were so instrumental to the chapter's success. The next three baillis were Gerald Hirsch (1978-1980), Dr. John Harrod (1980-1984), and his wife, Kathleen Harrod (1984-1988). Beginning in the late eighties, it was Bailli Howard Gardner's time to lead. During his tenure (1988-1996), the "Dinner of the Year" became the chapter's driving force. Next Restaurant April 3, 2012 29-Course elBulli Tribute Menu NITRO CAIPIRINHA Tarragon Concentrate HOT/COLD TROUT ROE TEMPURA Jané Ventura Brut Nature Cava Reserva 2008 SPHERICAL OLIVES COCA OF AVOCADO PEAR, ANCHOVIES AND GREEN ONIONS IBÉRICO SANDWICH GOLDEN EGG Cava with Pineau des Charentes and Farigoule BLACK SESAME SPONGE CAKE Miso CHICKEN LIQUID CROQUETTES SMOKE FOAM Cava with Pineau, Farigoule, Malaga Moscatel, and Regan's Orange Bitters CARROT AIR WITH COCONUT MILK CUTTLEFISH AND COCONUT RAVIOLI Soy, Ginger, Mint Kanbara Junmai Ginjo Sake Niigata Prefecture SAVORY TOMATO ICE Oregano, Almond Milk Pudding HOT CRAB ASPIC Mini Corn Couscous Poma Aurea Sidra de Asturias 2007 CAULIFLOWER COUSCOUS Solid Aromatic Herb Sauce SUQUET OF PRAWNS Emilio Hidalgo Marqués de Rodil Especial Palo Cortado POTATO TORTILLA by MARC SINGLA Cune Viña Real Rioja Gran Reserva 2004 TRUMPET CARPACCIO RED MULLET GAUDI Francesc Sanchez Bas Montgarnatx Priorat 2005 NASTURTIUM Eel, Bone Marrow, Cucumber Half Acre Sanguis Ale Chicago CIVET OF RABBIT Hot Apple Jelly GORGONZOLA GLOBE FOIE GRAS-CARAMEL CUSTARD Gutiérrez Colosia Sangre y Trabajadero Oloroso SPICE PLATE Pommeau de Normandie MINT POND CHOCOLATE IN TEXTURES Casa de la Ermita Dulce Monastrell 2006 CHOCOLATE DONUTS, CRÈME FLUTE, PUFF PASTRY WEB, PASSION FRUIT MARSHMALLOW Chambellan Provincial/Bailli Mon Roldan, Bailli Hon./Commandeur Jane Tracy and Bailli Délégué National Harold Small. 126 :: C H A I N E U S . O R G :: 2 0 1 6 v 2 ANNIVERSARIES

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