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Updated Cuisine of the Southwest BY MARY ANNE LEWIS, Vice Chargée de Presse CULINARY INSTITUTE OF America-trained Executive Chef Geoff van Glabbeek dazzled Tulsa Bailliage members with a flavorful taste of Southwest cuisine on February 6. The event took place at the renowned Gilcrease Museum, situated on 460 acres in the hills of the former Osage Nation in north- west Tulsa. Founded by oil baron Thomas Gilcrease, the institu- tion, now associated with the University of Tulsa, holds the largest collection of Frederic Remington bronzes and is said to possess the leading Western art col- lection in the country. Not bound by convention, Chef van Glabbeek sated the appreciative group with his modern interpreta- tions of masa cakes with shrimp, duck tostadas, smoked quail with blueberry-thyme gastrique, ancho-seared tuna, and whiskey-braised short ribs. A cast of all-Spanish wines led diners through the country's wine regions, showcasing Cava, Rias Baixas, Rosado, and Gran Reserva Rioja and finishing with a classic Pedro Ximénez sherry. Before the group disbanded, Bailli Sue Gerkin led confrères in a rousing standing ovation for Chef van Glabbeek, the kitchen brigade, and the service staff. G TULSA The Restaurant at Gilcrease Museum February 6, 2016 SPICY GREENS, SMOKED QUAIL Blueberry-Thyme Gastrique, Bacon, Hazelnut, Apple Cider Vinaigrette Bodegas LAN Santiago Ruiz Rias Baixas 2013 ANCHO-SEARED TUNA White Bean-Chorizo-Braised Greens Bodegas Mas Que Vinos Ercavio Rosado 2014 WHISKEY-BRAISED SHORT RIBS Green Chili Grits, Roasted Brussels Sprouts, Pickled Onions Bodegas LAN Gran Rioja Reserva Rioja 2007 BUTTERMILK PANNA COTTA Fresh and Dried Fruits, Pistachio Brittle Fernando de Castilla Classic Pedro Ximénez Sherry Staff, Executive Chef Geoff van Glabbeek, Bailli Sue Gerkin and Echanson Provincial Hon. Steve Gerkin. Officier Randy Webb, Officier Insung Kim, Dame Patricia Neel and Chevalier Schaad Titus. Dame Suzanne Wallis and Chevalier Steve Bayles. Vice Chancelier-Argentier Hon. Brent Curry and Vice Conseiller Culinaire Andy Revelis. Dame Melanie Blackstock, Chevalier Brent Blackstock and Dame June Patton. Mark Hackl, Dame Ping McBride, Dame Di Wong and Dame Cindy Landers. Chevalier Stephen Greubel, Dame Linda Van Arkel- Greubel and Chevalier Jim Brown. Chevalier Clark Bundren, Bailli Sue Gerkin and Chevalier David Hogan. BAILLIAGES 2 0 1 6 v 2 :: G A S T R O N O M E :: 123

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