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Epicurean Escape BY MARIA EUGENIA EASTLICK, Vice Chargée de Presse BAILLI NANCY RADLAUER and Bailli Provincial Charles Radlauer orchestrated an exciting "Epicurean Escape" for Miami Bailliage members from January 22-24 at the Ocean Reef Club in Key Largo. The club opened in 1948 as a fishing camp; today, it is a private resort with its own fire station, medical center, landing strip, and championship golf courses. It was lucky for Miami confrères that a fellow confrère sponsored their weekend at this members-only club! Highlights of the weekend included Friday's cocktail reception, followed by a decadent truffle dinner at Gianni Ristorante. After din- ner, many ventured upstairs to the bar to dance the night away. On Saturday, attendees had the opportunity to enjoy the resort's numerous amenities. The Raw Bar quickly became a hot spot for lunch; those who had gone fishing brought in their fresh catches for the restaurant staff to prepare. Dinner was a seafood lover's dream; Ocean Reef's Grand Seafood Buffet is a Saturday-evening tradition dating back to the 1960s. Sunday morning's farewell brunch was the perfect close to a great weekend. Special thanks go to Executive Director of Banquet Operations/Maître Hôtelier Dan Tanner for handling all of the details. The tremendous success of this event has Miami confrères looking forward to another fabulous weekend adventure next season. G Celebration BY DAVID G. SCHLITT, Vice Chargé de Presse ON DECEMBER 20, the Memphis Bailliage returned to the banks of the Mississippi to induct new members and toast the holiday season with exquisite wine, delicious food, and plenty of fun and fellowship. Attendees were greeted at Paulette's Restaurant by General Manager/Maître Hôtelier Karl Friedrich. A Memphis favorite for more than forty years, Paulette's is now located at the River Inn of Harbor Town. In the beautiful, glass-enclosed ballroom, Bailli George Chandler served as master of ceremonies, which opened with Bailli Provincial Tony Hirsh providing a history of the Chaîne. He and Conseiller Gastronomique National Honoraire Tom Cassidy, Jr. then inducted Dame de la Chaîne Robin Chandler and Chevaliers Jay Healy, Dennis Meyer, Bradley Rice, John Rooney, and Thomas Young. In addition, Vice Chargé de Missions Rick Duerr and Vice Echanson Charlie Warner were elevated. Executive Chef Dan Schroeder and his team delivered an outstanding meal with many local favorites, and the cellar masters worked their magic in pairing the wines. Their collective efforts were acknowledged by resounding applause from all present for a job well done. G MIAMI MEMPHIS Chevalier Jim Fortune, Bailli George Chandler, Bailli Provincial Tony Hirsh and Conseiller Gastronomique National Hon. Tom Cassidy, Jr. Professionnel du Vin Mike Dragutsky and Vice Chargé de Missions Steve West. Vice Chargée de Presse Maria Eastlick, Vice Chargé de Missions Josh Mungavin, Lauren Mungavin and Chevalier Barry Dale. Bailli Nancy Radlauer and Executive Director of Banquet Operations/Maître Hôtelier Dan Tanner. BAILLIAGES 120 :: C H A I N E U S . O R G :: 2 0 1 6 v 2

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