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Bohemian Cantabrigian Foodgasm BY MARSHALL L. BERENSON, Northeast Chambellan Provincial/Boston Bailli CAMBRIDGE IS A hotbed of culinary exploration these days, and the Boston Bailliage's second foray of 2015 into the so-called "People's Republic" brought confrères to Owner/Chef Michael Scelfo's celebrated Alden & Harlow on November 17, 2015. The lines are noto- riously long at this popular venue, but wily bailliage officers secured tables for twenty-six gastronauts. In developing the vision for his restaurant, Chef Scelfo drew inspiration from his own home. His farm-to-table fare is interwoven with elements of per- sonal style and meaning—simple yet elegant dishes he would want to prepare and eat with his family. While the menu for this evening featured some clas- sic staples, the adventurous offerings were packed with seasonal specialties emphasizing top catches and super-fresh farm items. The Alden & Harlow burger consistently ranks among Boston's best burgers. (It's so good that diners must arrive very early on a typical evening to get their hands on one!) For their part, Boston confrères enjoyed a multitude of courses that pleased carnivore and vegetarian alike, and once the seemingly never-ending cavalcade of delicious dishes was com- plete, they trundled off to Harvard Square completely sated. G BOSTON The Alden & Harlow burger ranks among Boston's best. Boston Bailliage members. Roger Polonsky, Dottie Sarno, Ellen Gaucher and Professionnel du Vin Stephen Gaucher. Vice Chancelier-Argentier Elizabeth Georgantas, Owner/ Chef Michael Scelfo and Chambellan Provincial/Bailli Marshall Berenson. Chevalier William O'Shea, Sandra O'Shea, Dame Sally Patrick and Chevalier David Patrick. Pair Azmi Hajjaj, Chevalier Stephen Samuels and Grand Officier Delores Hajjaj. Tania Luzuriaga, Dame Margarita Medini, Chevalier Daniel Rosengarten, Dame Kerry Schaub Rosengarten and Officier Kathy LaShay Berenson. Bailli Hon. Avram Goldberg, Dame Carol Goldberg and Vice Chargé de Missions Todd Saunders. BAILLIAGES 2 0 1 6 v 2 :: G A S T R O N O M E :: 119

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