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Robert Burns Scottish Dinner BY JENNIFER DUNN, Vice Chancelier-Argentier , AND BOB NICHOLSON, Vice Conseiller Gastronomique DURING THE BLIZZARD on January 23, Hartford Bailliage mem- bers stayed warm and dry by the cozy fireplace in the Hartford Club. Established in the nineteenth century as a social club for gentle- men, the Hartford Club boasted such early members as Mark Twain, Caldwell Colt, and Richard Gatling. With its wood-paneled walls and grand staircases, the venue retains much of its original elegance. For the Hartford Chapter's celebration of Scottish poet Robert Burns, a gorgeous table adorned with Scottish plaid, white roses, and candela- bra added to the ambiance. Cordon Bleu-trained Executive Chef Leslie Tripp paid tribute to traditional Scottish fare while transforming dishes into haute cuisine renditions inspired by the land of the clansmen. Garbed in his dress kilt, Vice Echanson Jordan Peck gave a superb recital of the address to the haggis, in a credible Scottish brogue accent. Chef Tripp's mustard-glazed turnips, cock-a-leekie en croûte , and game dishes of pheasant and spiced venison evoked the soul of the Highlands. A rare Mortlach 20-Year-Old Single-Malt Scotch tipped the evening in the right direction. G at Breakers West BY SUSAN HURLEY ESSON, Vice Chargée de Presse THE EXCITEMENT WAS palpable! On December 14, West Palm Beach Bailli Leila Warren and Bailli Provincial Charles Radlauer inducted a number of new members into the chapter during a special evening at the Breakers West Country Club. The induct- ees included Dames de la Chaîne Marie Etherington, Pauline Hartogh, Julie Kime, Elizabeth Loeffler, and Angela Pedraza; Chevaliers Jose de la Gandara and Gary Hartogh; and Maîtres Rôtisseurs Donald Misch, David Ray, and Anthony Sicignano. Officier Maître Restaurateur Achal Goswami and Officier Donna Miller were elevated. Additionally, Bailli Warren, Bailli Provincial Radlauer, and Echanson Provincial Virginia Philip inducted many confrères into the bailliage's inaugural Société Mondiale du Vin contingent. This group was comprised of Vice Chancelier-Argentier Jeffrey Blitz, Officier Geoffrey Etherington, Dame de la Chaîne Marie Etherington, Chevalier Bill Ford, Jr., Chevalier Gary Hartogh, Dame de la Chaîne Pauline Hartogh, Chevalier John Kime, Dame de la Chaîne Julie Kime, Dame de la Chaîne Syndie Levien, Echanson Provincial Philip, Chevalier Steven Rayburn, and Bailli Warren. It was an extraordinary evening for the West Palm Beach Chapter! G HARTFORD WEST PALM BEACH Chevalier Charles Reeb, Jennifer Diederich, Leszek Szychowski and Vice Echanson Jordan Peck. Bailli Gary Dunn, Vice Chancelier-Argentier Jennifer Dunn and Pastry Chef Lydmarie Torres-Rodriguez. Sandra Blumer and Chevalier Arthur Blumer. Bailli Hon. Douglas Martin, Bailli Leila Warren and Luba Zhigalina. Chevalier Gary Hartogh and Dame Pauline Hartogh. Chevalier Bill Ford and Darrah Gleason. BAILLIAGES 2 0 1 6 v 2 :: G A S T R O N O M E :: 113

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