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Korean Adventure at Parachute BY TODD ARKEBAUER, Vice Charg é de Presse PARACHUTE IS ONE of Chicago's most acclaimed restaurants. Among its many accolades, the Michelin-starred eatery was a James Beard finalist for Best New Restaurant and ranked in the top ten nationwide on Bon Appétit's Best New Restaurants list. Co-Owners/ Chefs Beverly Kim and Johnny Clark were named Rising Chefs of the Year at Chicago's prestigious Jean Banchet Awards. The husband-and-wife team creates a range of traditional to modern takes on Korean-American cuisine in their 48-seat venue. On March 21, the Chicago Bailliage filled every seat to experi- ence the food inspired by Chef Kim's memories of growing up in a Korean household. The result was an array of delicious dishes cooked from the heart and served communally in accordance with Korean custom. Beverage Director Matty Colston assisted with the wine and beer selections, and Restaurant Manager Danielle Park ensured that the service staff was warm and efficient. At evening's end, Chambellan Provincial/Bailli Mon Roldan and Conseiller Culinaire Provincial Chris Koetke acknowledged the Parachute team with a Chaîne plaque and wine from the Chicago Chapter's famed cel- lar. Attendees were privileged to partake in the very personal culinary vision of Chefs Kim and Clark, which both pre- serves and advances Korean gastronomic tradition. G CHICAGO Dame Stephanie Blaser, Chevalier John Blaser, Vice Chargé de Presse Todd Arkebauer and Vice Chargé de Missions Hon. Elan Jacoby. Chicago confrères with Parachute team. Vice Chancelier-Argentier Allen Kutchins and Chambellan Provincial/ Bailli Mon Roldan. PHOTOS BY LORENZO TASSONE PHOTOGRAPHY BAILLIAGES 2 0 1 6 v 2 :: G A S T R O N O M E :: 109

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