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Annual Soirée BY BARBARA PROUD, Vice Chargée de Presse ON DECEMBER 6, First State Bailliage members enjoyed a festive cocktail party at a new venue—Metro at Peachtree Station in Middletown, Delaware—even before its official opening to the public. This is the first of three new restaurants from Executive Chef Patrick D'Amico, a Culinary Institute of America gradu- ate who was formerly chef de cuisine at Harry's Savoy Grill and executive sous- chef at the Hotel du Pont. Chaired by Vice Echanson Honoraire Linda Collier, the organiz- ing committee included Vice Conseiller Gastronomique Honoraire Carol Levin, Vice Chancelier-Argentier Michelle Hannum, Professionnel du Vin Sherry Hinerman, Vice Conseiller Culinaire Robert Lhulier, and Vice Chargée de Missions Susan Teiser. The delicious passed hors d'oeuvres showcased Chef D'Amico's talent, energy, and vision in anticipation of the restaurant's opening on December 16. Attendees enjoyed the delicacies with stellar wines. The highlight of the evening was the presentation of two awards: Vice Chargée de Presse Barbara Proud received an award of merit, and Vice Echanson Honoraire Collier was presented with a Bronze Mondiale Medal of Honor. Before departing, confrères thanked Chef D'Amico and wished him great suc- cess in his new venture. G FIRST STATE Vice Chancelier-Argentier Michelle Hannum, Owner/Executive Chef Patrick D'Amico, Vice Echanson Hon. Linda Collier and Chambellan Provincial/Bailli Fondateur John Fannin III. Dame Carole Bakst, Chevalier Barry Bakst and Vice Chancelier-Argentier Michelle Hannum. Vice Chargée de Missions Susan Teiser, Vice Chargée de Presse Barbara Proud, Vice Chancelier-Argentier Michelle Hannum and Chambellan Provincial/Bailli John Fannin III. Charles Lewis III, Chef Rôtisseur Michele Mitchell, Philip Hinerman and Professionnel du Vin Sherry Hinerman. Vice Conseiller Gastronomique Hon. Carol Levin, Dame Katherine Berg, Vice Echanson Hon. Linda Collier, Professionnel du Vin Sherry Hinerman and Vice Chargée de Missions Susan Teiser. BAILLIAGES 2 0 1 6 v 2 : G A S T R O N O M E :: 101

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