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Blanken, Christopher Lodge, and Femi Oyediran competed for top honors, with Sommelier Oyediran winning for the sec- ond year in a row. The Midwest contest, held at the acclaimed Union League Club in Chicago, was followed by a Burgundy wine tasting and dinner. Sommeliers Miranda Elliot, Kaleb Kiger, and Alex Ring participated in a close contest. Miranda Elliot was named winner by Judges Brandon Tebbe, MS, Chicago Vice Echanson Manfred Raiser, and Echanson Provincial Randall Crocker. In March, five regions held their contests. In the Southwest, competi- tion judges were Grand Echanson Charles Bennett, former International Young Sommeliers Competition Winner Christopher Bates, MS, and Echanson Provincial William Ridlehuber. The competitors were Nathan Fausti, Austin Heidt, and Lindsay Thomas, who took home the prize. Hawaii/Pacific Islands judges were Echanson Provincial Patrick Okubo, MS, Sommelier Sean Isono, Kauai/ Oahu Sommelier Christopher Ramelb, and Bailli Provincial Bruce Liebert. Young sommeliers Jessica Austin, Taro Kurobe, and Jordan Painter competed, with Jordan Painter earning this year's regional title. In America's most famous wine- growing region, the Pacific Northwest (an important training ground for young sommeliers), Martin Sheehan-Stross, Camille Berry, and Vincent Morrow competed in a close contest. Echanson Provincial David Glancy, MS, Randall FW: Judge/Las Vegas Professionnel du Vin Joseph Phillips, MS, Competitor Molly Brooks-Thornton, Competitor Juan Lizarraga, Winner Jessica Waugh, Judge/Vice Echanson National des Jeunes Sommeliers David Merrill and Judge/Echanson Provincial Richard Wilson. MW: Competitor Kaleb Kiger, Winner Miranda Elliot and Competitor Alex Ring. SC: Competitor Christopher Blanken, Winner/Sommelier Femi Oyediran and Competitor Christopher Lodge. MA: Judge Pascaline Lapeltier, MS, Competitor Renato Bringas, Winner Steven Gullo, Competitor Gregory Schwab, Judge/Echanson Provincial George Staikos and Judge/Vice Echanson National des Jeunes Sommeliers David Merrill. NE: Competitor Luke Boland and Winner Morgan Harris. H/PI: Judge/Echanson Provincial Patrick Okubo, MS, Winner Jordan Painter, Competitor Jessica Austin, Competitor Taro Kurobe and Bailli Provincial Bruce Liebert. NATIONAL 2 0 1 6 v 2 :: G A S T R O N O M E :: 9

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